TeamIWA’ ODC services were designed to meet today’s challenging economic environment in a strategic sense to ensure you stay competitive and survive the challenging market conditions. Our ODC services have offered some of our client’s demonstrable benefits in terms of a dedicated pool of software professionals who form a virtual extension of your team. You get best of both worlds - the benefit of one's own team without the difficulties of managing it. In addition, we enable you to scale up, in terms of numbers or skill sets easily.

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Dedicated Team

We offer highly skilled engineers in multiple technologies who directly work for clients on their projects. This model is ideal for projects which has entered the maintenance phase and calls for long term support.

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We setup a wire-fenced ODC facility in terms of infrastructure and manpower, operate it for agreed time and goals before it is transitioned back to the client. This offer our client greater flexibility, particularly for those companies who are engaged in outsourcing for the first time, lower risks and cost.

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Development Partner

Define the project scope in terms of deliverables, quality, cost and time and ensure the same is delivered as agreed.

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Captive ODC

TeamIWA helps clients build Captive ODCs in a Build-Operate-Transfer model which enables companies to rapidly start offshore operations and later transfer the offshore development center as their own subsidiary.

Our clients leverage our operation teams’ technical expertise, processes and execution capabilities to setup the physical and IT infrastructure while our HR teams work with them to identify resources from our own pool, client’s existing resource pool or hire resources specifically for the project. Once the setup in terms of infrastructure and manpower is completed, the client assumes complete control of the team’s delivery. We have a well-defined mechanism for the smooth transition of the facility i.e. its own captive center to the client. TeamIWA’ Captive ODC services has helped couple of US-based product companies to setup their ODC in the B-O-T model.


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